Westside Community Garden

Westside Community Garden


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Westside Community Garden

Purpose/Aims of the Garden
  1. To help people learn how to grow their own food
  2. To build community by working together
  3. To demonstrate regenerative practices that benefit the land and people
Crops that will be grown

The following vegetables may be planted due to their climate suitability and the potential of high yield that can be shared with all participants. Some flowers will also be planted in order to attract pollinators. This is not a complete list.

  1. Beans                                                                        8. Peppers
  2. Radishes                                                                   9. Beets
  3. Squash – both summer and winter varieties             10. Chard
  4. Tomatoes                                                                  11. Cucumbers
  5. Salad greens                                                            12. Garlic
  6. Green onions                                                            13. Herbs
  7. Onions (bulb)                                                            14. Kale

How the cooperative aspect works

A maximum of forty-two gardeners will be divided into six teams. These teams will take on the responsibility of caring for a section of the garden. The sections will rotate on a monthly basis so that each team experiences the whole garden. Your team leader will facilitate communication and organization so that it is clear which members will water on which days. The team leader will be able to share information pertaining to the plants that are being grown in the section that you are tending.

In addition to caring for the beds, there will be a community work day scheduled each week (days and times tba). These will double as educational times where you will learn by doing the tasks.  Some of the topics that will be covered include soil amending, planting, seed starting, mulching, weeding, pest management, plant diseases, composting, and harvesting.

The benefits of this approach
  1. You will gain knowledge and skills in order to be able to grow your own food. Experienced gardeners will expand their knowledge and share what they know with others.
  2. You will receive much more produce than you would by tending to a single bed or two as all the crops in the entire garden will be shared amongst everyone.
  3. You will meet other gardeners, share ideas and build friendships.
  4. You will be part of a unique model of gardening that will be visible to the wider community and may even serve as a prototype for other community gardens in the future.
  5. Soil amendments, mulch, tools and seeds are included in the fee. All materials will be provided for gardening.  You will not have any added expenses.

Membership fees per application   $145.00 per share (See WCC for payment schedule if you are not able to pay the full amount at one time). Those who wish to donate to the scholarship fund, please indicate that when submitting your payment.

If applying as a family, you will receive one share of food for the whole family. If you would like more than one share, you are advised to make two applications or buy produce from our surplus which will be made available at our farm stand.

Every penny that comes in from fees, donations and produce sales will go back into the garden to build the infrastructure (tool shed, composting structures, tools, improved fencing, etc…). None of the income will go to any individual or group. Also, some of the money coming in will go toward scholarships for those in need of financial assistance.

Your fee will bring you the opportunity to enjoy approximately 26 weeks of food (given optimal conditions) which amounts to $5.50/week. You will also gain education and skills, build friendships and further the aims of a regenerative future.   

If you choose to be a member this year, we’re sure that you will benefit greatly. We’re looking forward to working together with you as neighbors.  The application can be accessed online, filled out and submitted. The application link is will be posted on the Westside Community Centers website.  If you would like the application link sent to you by email please request it to .  

The Westside Community Garden Development Team

Located at the Westside Community Center

Accessible from 17th St.
1628 West Bijou Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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